Shifa Women’s Center

SHIFA Women's Center

Shifa Women’s Center is a residential facility that provides transitional housing and client centered supportive services to domestic violence victims and survivors.

Shifa Women's Center offers: A healing place during a time of crisis, furnished rooms, kids playground, on-site kitchen, laundry facility, education and vocational training assistance, financial literacy program, personal development, transportation, referral to individual, group and family counseling, legal services, linkage to community resources, client centered case management, and a computer lab with Wi-Fi and internet access.


Our mission is to prepare women to attain long term self-sustainability through transitional housing and client -centered case management services.  


Our Vision is to empower women by helping them help themselves get their lives back together.

TEAM -SHIFA Core Values

S – Support

to move back into their communities; this time with skills, tools and connections to begin an independent life or go back home with confidence and resilience. Services are delivered in their language of choice and by personnel who understand their cultural context.

H – Heal

Small support group therapy is facilitated for residents in their language of proficiency and with other residents who share similar ethnicities/cultures; again, by staff who look like them and speak their language but who are also trained professionals in conducting group therapy sessions. Providing opportunities for sharing experiences and connecting with others is a powerful mechanism in overcoming trauma and beginning the healing process.

I - Identify

areas to cope with life situations and plan a path, which makes sense to them and gives them successes.

F – Focus

to empower women by helping them help themselves get their lives back together.

A - Advocate Awareness ‘ I matter’

SWC works with the marginalized communities to break down barriers, eliminate discrimination through education, sharing experiences and finding common ground for integration back into their communities