Other Helpline-3

Family Violence and Abused Women

Organization Basic Info Phone Number Website/ Address
Houston Police Family Violence Unit Police trained to handle domestic abuse situations 713-308-1100 http://www.houstontx.gov/police/fvu/community.htm
An-Nissa Hope Center Women and Families Suffering from Domestic abuse 832-324-9111
Asians Against Domestic Abuse Help for families suffering from domestic abuse 713-339-8300 http://www.aadainc.org/
DAYA Serving South Asian Families Help for families suffering from domestic abuse 713-981-7645 http://www.dayahouston.org/
Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse [AVDA] Help for families suffering from domestic abuse 713-224-9911 http://avda-tx.org
Houston Area Women’s Center Help for families suffering from domestic abuse 713-528-2121 http://www.hawc.org
NW Assistance Ministries Help for families suffering from domestic abuse 713-885-HOPE http://www.namonline.org
National Domestic Violence Hotline Help for families suffering from domestic abuse 800-799-SAFE http://www.thehotline.org/
ICNA Women’s Shelter Counseling, job training, shelter 832-382-1669 http://icnarelief.org/site2/
Shifa Women’s Center Help in Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu 713-267-4000 http://www.shifawomenscenter.com/
Elder Abuse info If you are elderly and being abused 800-677-1116 http://www.ncea.aoa.gov/
Houston Area Women Center Domestic Violence 713-528-2121 http://www.hawc.org
Bay Area Turning Point Counseling, social services, shelter 281-286-2525 http://www.bayareaturningpoint.org/
Ft. Bend Family Promise Counseling, social services, shelter, meals 281-403-3923 http://www.fortbendfamilypromise.org/
Betty’s Haven Channel-view area, domestic violence shelter 281-422-2292 http://northchannelcoalition.org/
Saafe Huntsville Domestic violence shelter 936-291-3369 http://www.saafehouse.org/
Turning Point Center (Spring area) Shelter for Homeless Elederly (over 50) 713-957-0099 http://www.turningpointcenter.org/
Community Youth Services Harris County Youth Resources Directory 713-295-2500 http://www.hc-ps.org/
Fort Bend Women’s Center Fort Bend County….Richmond, TX 281-342-4357,
Project Sakinah 1717 St. James Place, #450,Houston, TX 77056 703-531-8179 http://www.projectsakinah.org/directory
Lone Star Help Resources Various Domestic Violence and Women Abuse Help resources 713-957-4357 http://www.lonestar.edu/departments/chiefsecurity/STOPPReferralsListing.pdf
Texas Council on Family Violence FV Providers Map Search Directory Online http://www.tcfv.org/resources/service-directory
Injury Claim Coach Guide to take legal action for Personal Injury and/or elder abuse in Nursing Homes On Line http://www.injuryclaimcoach.com/elder-abuse.html

Family Services

Organization Basic Info Phone Number Website/ Address
Family Services-comprehensive Social services–family crisis, home health care 713-861-4849 http://www.familyservices.org/
Healthy Families Healthy Futures 15-25 yo mothers with depression 713-778-6507 http://depelchin.org/
Escape Family Resource Center Family counseling and classes 713-942-9500 http://www.learntoparent.org/
Asian American Family Family counseling and classes 713-600-9400 http://aafstexas.org/
DePelcin Childrens Center Mental health, autism services, divorce classes. 713-730-2335,
Matrimonial Services Maryam Islamic Center On Line Application http://www.maryammasjid.org/services/matrimony/
Stuff Seniors Needs Gvt. Assistance & Financial Assistance for Seniors. On Line Resources http://stuffseniorsneed.com/government-assistance-financial-assistance-for-seniors/

Education: Student’s College Financial Aid/Scholarships/Internship

Organization Basic Info Phone Number Website/ Address
Free Application for Federal Student Aid- FAFSA Government Money for College Education Apply online
YMCA Scholarship for Refugees (non-citizens) Refugee assistance scholarship, apply by May 1 online http://www.ymcahouston.org/links/internationalrefugeescholarshipapplication.pdf
HCC Scholarships Listing of many HCC scholarships online http://www.hccs.edu/hccs/current-students/scholarships
Univ of Houston Scholarships Listing of many UH scholarships online http://www.uh.edu/financial/undergraduate/types-aid/scholarships/
Univ. of Houston Downtown Scholarships Listing of many UD Downtown scholarships online http://www.uhd.edu/financial/scholarships/institutional.html
Scholarships Apply/Search for Scholarships online http://www.scholarships.com/scholarship-search.aspx
ISNA Coordinated Students Funding List of various Scholarships & Interest Free loans Various Online http://www.isna.net/Programs/pages/Programs.aspx
Transferring Credits From Foreign Universities to USA Schools Transferring Credits from Foreign Universities to US Schools 877-824-7954 http://www.elearners.com/online-education-resources/degrees-and-programs/transferring-credit-from-foreign-universities-to-us-schools/

Learn FREE Computer/English/World Languages/Translations

Organization Basic Info Phone Number Website/ Address
Houston Center for Literacy ESL, ABE, GED Online database Transferring Credits From Foreign Universities to USA Schools http://www.houread.org/resources/
Literacy Advance of Houston Free computer and English classes 713-266-8777 http://www.literacyadvance.org/Take_Classes/Programs_Classes/
Houston Public Library System Call each library in your area for Computer and other Languages Tools. Online library locator http://www.houstonlibrary.org/services
HCC ESL program ESL, ABE, GED 713-718-5400 http://www.hccs.edu/hccs/future-students/english-as-a-second-language-esl/adult-education-program-abe/ged/esl-eligibility-criteria
Free Translation of all Languages. Free Translation from Any Language to any language On Line http://www.stars21.com/translator/english_to_urdu.html
Free World Language Education Free Language Education for the World On Line http://www.duolingo.com/

Independent (Educational) on Line Study Courses Resources

Organization Basic Info Phone Number Website/ Address
Online free courses-many subjects Many different areas of study Online studies http://www.free-ed.net/free-ed/
AHA CPR classes Learn CPR Online tool http://www.ecprcertification.com/
Mission To Learn Learn by free online study Online http://www.missiontolearn.com/2008/02/more-than-100-free-places-to-learn-online-and-counting/
Learn to Type Free Online typing program to teach to type Online http://keybr.com/
Yacapaca K – 12 learning resources online http://yacapaca.com/

Poverty Guidelines

Organization Basic Info Phone Number Website/ Address
Federal Poverty Guidelines Shows the limits for income for many programs Online reference http://www.medicaid.gov/medicaid-chip-program-information/by-topics/eligibility/downloads/2015-federal-poverty-level-charts.pdf

Free Health Info and/or Screenings

Organization Basic Info Phone Number Website/ Address
Online Screening Tool for Diabetes American Heart Association   http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/Diabetes/DiabetesToolsResources/My-Diabetes-Health-Assessment_UCM_313901_Article.jsp
Stroke and Heart Attack signs American Heart Association (713) 610-5200 http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/911-Warnings-Signs-of-a-Heart-Attack_UCM_305346_SubHomePage.jsp
American Diabetes Association Learn about diabetes   http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/?loc=GlobalNavDB http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/recently-diagnosed/living-with-type-2-diabetes/?loc=leftrailpromo-link2
National Heart and Lung Blood Institute Educational booklets (PDF) about CV   http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/public/heart/index.htm#chol

Looking for Texas state agency? Click here for a list and contact information.

Do you have questions about Social security?
Contact us: http://www.ssa.gov/includes/topiclist.htm


Do you need an attorney but cannot afford one? Try Lone Star Legal Services. In Houston, Houston Volunteer Lawyers may be able to help. The State Bar also has a Lawyer Referral Service. For general information about selecting a lawyer, click here. If you have a complaint about a lawyer, the State Bar of Texas may be able to help.

Assistance with home & services

These sites can save you money if you are buying, selling, building or renovating a house:

Houston Bar Association

This is a very useful website containing lots of information about the law. I especially recommend its “Kidzone” as well as the Consumer and Family law handbooks, published in many languages.

American bar Association

Useful information about your legal rights.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS)

Lemon Law)

Check out a list of all state lemon laws.

Product recalls

Learn about product recalls, check out the following links: http://www.recalls.gov/

Here, you can getinformation on latest product recalls

Consumer product safety Commission

www.cpsc.gov operated by the Consumer product safety Commission

Food and drug Administration

www.fda.gov operated by the Food and drug Administration

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

www.nhtsa.gov operated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The Agriculture Department

http://www.fsis.usda.gov/Fsis_Recalls/index.asp operated by the Agriculture Department

Consumer federation of America

www.safechild.net operated by Consumer federation of America