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Giving a tax-deductible gift is one of the best ways to ensure that Shifa Clinic can continue to provide affordable health care services to low-income, mostly uninsured families and children.

Thanks to generous supporters including our own patients, Shifa Clinic serves thousands of patients in the greater Houston area in four key locations offering medical, dental, mental health, and social services.


We provide quality health care because our volunteer physicians come from Houston’s leading hospitals and medical centers.
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Shifa Women

The Shifa Women’s Center is committed to ending violence against women through prevention, intervention,
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The Shifa Dental clinic is a low-cost, non-profit dental clinic whose purpose is to provide dental care to the underserved.
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Through a partnership with the University of Houston’s College of Optometry, we’re able to offer our patients comprehensive eye
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17. Jobs Search

17A. Job Search sites and Job Resume Help etc.

US Postal Services Jobs:,-TX-jobs.html  

17B. Texas Workforce Commission

Work training, job searches, resume creation       Go online to locate your office
17C. WyzAnt Tutoring

Sign up to teach Arabic, Algebra, Physics, etc…                               877-999-2681      

Register to be a caregiver (babysitter, nanny, housekeeper, nurses etc)                            online                    

18. Unemployment/Disability Benefits


18A. Texas Workforce Commissions

Apply for unemployment benefits.

18B. Non-government site to apply for unemployment
Apply for unemployment benefits…not official

Online only

18C. To Apply for Disability with SSA

18D. Disability Guide

Apply for disability online or call

Detail info on disability and help for Denied Cases



18E. Disability Referral Service for help when denied
Online screening and referral tool.
Online only

18E. Mylar Disability

18F. National Social Security Advocates

18G. The Coalition for Barrier Free Living

18 H.  Injury Claim Coach

Social Security Disability Advocates

Social Security Advocates

Barrier Free Living

Guide on Personal Injury Claim and Compensation




On Line


19. Tax Filling Help

19A. Neighborhood Tax Centers

Free for low income, prep, filing, refunds


19B. IRS

19B. IRS Copies of Prior Years Tax Transcripts

19C. Free Credit Reports`

Free tax assistance

Get Prior Years IRS Tax transcripts

Get Free Credit Reports




20. Immigration Help 


All Immigration Forms

Physicians for Green Card Medicals

20B. Travel. State. Gov

20C. Free Citizenship Classes in Houston/Passport

and other

20D.Immigrant Access Resources

Check Your Status and other Immigration related Info

Print Immigration Forms

Physicians Locator for Green Card

US Passport & renewals

Free Classes for Citizenship Exam/Interview

Immigration Access Resources


On Line

On Line

On Line

Contact Info.

On Line


20E. Immigration Fee Waiver

20F. U.S. citizenship who seek an exception to the English and civics testing requirements for naturalization “because of physical or developmental disability or mental impairment.”

Special cases: Battered, Protected Status, etc

Citizenship Interview Ecemption Forms
N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions


Download, Fill and Mail


20G. Catholic Charities Legal Imm, 2900 Louisiana  St.
First three Tuesdays of each month 1:00pm


20H. YMCA International Services

20 I. Fast USA Passport New/renewals

$40 consultation for immigration problems Wed 9-3, no appts. 6300 Westpark, Suite 600, no appointments

USA Passport/Renewal/Visa Services




21. Disaster Programs


21A. Disaster Assistance

Search by disaster see what to do

online resource

21B. American Red Cross

Training, education, resources

21C. United Way

Preparedness, training, resources

21D. Harris County Homeowner Disaster Recovery Prog

Disaster recovery and case management

onsite assistance

22. Family Violence and Abused Women Help Line

22A. Houston Police Family Violence Unit

22B. An-Nissa Hope Center
Police trained to handle domestic abuse situations

Women and Families Suffering from Domestic abuse



22C. Asians Against Domestic Abuse

Help for families suffering from domestic abuse

22D. DAYA Serving South Asian Families

Help for families suffering from domestic abuse

22E. Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse    [AVDA]

Help for families suffering from domestic abuse


22F. Houston Area Women’s Center

Help for families suffering from domestic abuse


22G. NW Assistance Ministries

Help for families suffering from domestic abuse

22H. National Domestic Violence Hotline
Help for families suffering from domestic abuse


22I. ICNA Women’s Shelter

Counseling, job training, shelter


22J. Shifa Women’s Center

Help in Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

22K. Elder Abuse info

22L. Houston Area Women Center

If you are elderly and being abused

Domestic Violence

22M. Bay Area Turning Point

Counseling, social services, shelter

22N. Ft. Bend Family Promise
Counseling, social services, shelter, meals


22O. Betty’s Haven

Channel-view area, domestic violence shelter


22P. Saafe Huntsville

Domestic violence shelter


22Q. Turning Point Center (Spring area)

22R. Community Youth Services

22S Fort Bend Women’s Center

22T. Tahirih Justice Center

22 U. Project Sakinah

22V.  Lone Star Help Resources

22 W. United Way Help Line

22 X. Texas Council on Family Violence

22 Y. Injury Claim Coach

Shelter for Homeless Elederly (over 50)

Harris County Youth Resources Directory

Fort Bend County….Richmond, TX

1717 St. James Place, #450,
Houston, TX 77056

Muslim and other  Women abuse/shelters

Various Domestic Violence and Women Abuse Help resources

Various Domestic Violence and Women Abuse Help resources

FV Providers Map Search Directory

Guide to take legal action
for Personal Injury and/or elder abuse in Nursing Homes






On Line


On Liine

On Line;;0;;;0;0;Domestic%20Violence%20Shelters;TopServices;All

23.Family Services

23A. Family Services-comprehensive

Social services–family crisis, home health care


23B. Healthy Families Healthy Futures

15-25 yo mothers with depression


23C. Escape Family Resource Center

Family counseling and classes


23D. Asian American Family

Family counseling and classes


23E. DePelcin Childrens Center            

23F. Matrimonial Services

23 G. Stuff Seniors Needs

Mental health, autism services, divorce classes.

Maryam Islamic Center

Gvt. Assistance & Financial Assistance for Seniors.

713-730-2335  888-730-2335

On Line Application

On Line Resources

24. Education:Student’s College Financial Aid/Scholarships/Internship


24A. Free Application for Federal Student Aid      FAFSA

Government Money for College Education

Apply online

24B. YMCA Scholarship for Refugees (non-citizens)

Refugee assistance scholarship, apply by May 1


24C. HCC Scholarships

Listing of many HCC scholarships


24D. Univ of Houston Scholarships

Listing of many UH scholarships


24E. Univ. of Houston Downtown Scholarships

24F. Scholarships

Listing of many UD Downtown scholarships

Apply/Search for Scholarships



24G. ISNA Coordinated Students Funding

24H. Transferring Credits From Foreign Universities to USA Schools

List of various Scholarships & Interest Free loans

Transferring Credits from Foreign Universities to US Schools

Various Online


25. Learn FREE Computer/English/World Languages/Translations


25A. Houston Center for Literacy


Online database
Transferring Credits From Foreign Universities to USA Schools
25B. Literacy Advance of Houston

Free computer and English classes

25C, Houston Public Library System

Call each library in your area for Computer and other Languages Tools.

Online library locator

25D. HCC ESL program

25E. Free Translation of all Languages.

25F. Free World Language Education


Free Translation from Any Language to any language

Free Language Education for the World


On Line

On Line


26. Independent (Educational) on Line Study Courses Resources


26A. Online free courses-many subjects

Many different areas of study

Online studies

26B. AHA CPR classes

Learn CPR

Online tool
26C. Mission To Learn

Learn by free online study

26D. Learn to Type Free

Online typing program to teach to type

26E. Yacapaca

K – 12 learning resources



27. Poverty Guidelines

27A. Federal Poverty Guidelines

Shows the limits for income for many programs

Online reference


28. Free Health Info and/or  Screenings

28A. Online Screening Tool for Diabetes

American Heart Association
28B. Stroke and Heart Attack signs

American Heart Association

(713) 610-5200
28C. American Diabetes Association
Learn about diabetes
28D. National Heart and Lung Blood Institute
Educational booklets (PDF) about CV

List  of  other  Useful  Websites

USA Government Various Services:
Unclaimed Money from Government
Texas Unclaimed Properties

Looking for  Texas state agency? Click here for a list and contact information.

Do you have questions about Social security?


Assistance with criminal matter

These sites can save you money as time if you are buying, selling, building or renovating a house:

-This is a very useful website containing lots of information about the law. I especially recommend its “Kidzone” as well as the Consumer and Family law handbooks, published in many languages.
-Useful information about your legal rights.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS)

– Check out a list of all state lemon laws.
Product recalls
-To learn about product recalls, check out the following links:
  • operated by the Consumer product safety Commission
  • operated by the Food and drug Administration
  • operated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
-“It’s designed to provide helpful, up-to-date information to consumers seeking a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers. “
-Divorce Interactive is a comprehensive divorce resource containing divorce and family law information on child support, custody, alimony and

visitation issues; divorce advice; and a directory of support groups, attorneys, mediators and other divorce professionals.

-A do itself divorce site with information about the law in all fifty states (not recommended when there are children involved).
-Obtaining a copy of your medical records.
-This site contains the Sex Offender Database and additional information on child molestation plus other public safety issues and driver’s information.
-TexCare Partnership offers two separate children’s health insurance programs. Both programs provide health insurance for children at a price that fits

the budgets of Texas families.

-This insurance program is designed for families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid health care, yet cannot afford to buy private insurance.
-The official web site of the Social Security administration. Contains much useful information and a guide to understanding Social Security.
-Articles and updates on Medicare and Medicaid and other issues of interest to seniors.
-Oldest and largest eldercare sourcebook on the web. Information, links and articles for seniors.
-A copy of the Texas statute govern probate matters.
– Do you have a questions about health law and policy?
– Want to know more about your rights when you travel on an airline?
– An organization that primarily provides legal information but has some information the layperson.
– 1500 of the most useful consumer resources on the net. Federal Trade Commission
– Consumer Information.
– A comprehensive legal and government site with over 15,000 pages and 30,000 links.
– Are you interested in going to law school? Check the ABA’s website.
– What to learn more about the constitution of the United States?
– A great source of legal information and a complete up-to-date list of legal listservs.
– Directs consumer to the appropriate government agency.
– Join the over 45,000 small businesses who have contacted the One Stop Business Center as their first step on the road to success.
– For information about the law in other states, or, to find an attorney.


Legal Topics


DISCLAIMER: This list was made to the best of our ability and every effort has been made to assure accuracy. The information contained here is subject to change at any time by the respective organizations and programs.We provide this information without any responsibility or liability on our part or guarantee of service or availability.